PEPY Empowering Youth

Located in Siem Reap district the school provides classrooms, a library and an office for staff members as the day is carried out. English classes and Information Technology classes are conducted in order to assist students that wish to enhance their technical and English skills for university. 

This non-government organisation (NGO) works alongside the Kralanh High School to inspire and motivate the students in grades 10, 11 and 12 to aim for bigger dreams for themselves in their 'Dream Classes'. In turn these extra classes provide a sensation of unity, aspiration and guidance for the students in order to work hard for their education and their futures.

While the students and the teachers maintain a wonderful relationship and hunger for learning the PEPY staff and mentors are always concerned with the money that they have to allocate to certain projects. This can affect the number of scholarships provided, the number of students accepted into their programs, as well as the number of students they are able to house in their two separate dorm buildings.

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