Alexandra Mendoza Media and Queensland Festival of Photography

As an up and coming professional photographer it is a great opportunity to be able to share my work as much as possible, and one of the latests opportunities that I have the pleasure of experiencing is being chosen as Queensland Festival of Photography's photographer of the month! 

The lucky story selected for the December period is 'Resilience'. Being that I shot that story alongside Samantha back in June of 2016 it's a great way to look back on the experiences I've had since then as well as being able to see how I've grown as a professional photographer and creative artist.

This is such a wonderful privilege and experience to be able to use a different platform to share the incredible stories I've been able to capture and produce, particularly since the Queensland Festival of Photography serves as an online gallery or e-gallery. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 3.08.09 pm.png

Shooting and collaborating on this story was an eye-opening experience both personally and photographically - as I had never been on a farm before - and I was able to explore more of my shooting style and really delve into this intensive photography assignment alongside the family of Australian Super Cotton.

In order to know more and see extra images that I have not showcased before head on over to Instagram and you can find and follow the Queensland Festival of Photography's account on @qld_photofest.