A Balancing Act

For many Australians it is unimaginable to be without food. Unfortunately, for others the reality of finding sufficient nourishment for their family and themselves is far from simple and becomes a large burden. This complex task become a balancing act where people are forced to choose between rent or food, hot water or a full belly, television or an occasional sweet.

ELORAC Place, located in the Brisbane suburb of Ellen Grove, offers a respite to many in countless forms, whether it is through their free food program, playgroup, and free community activities. The centre welcomes those who feel alone, lost or temporarily mislaid. ELORAC offers a much-needed life raft in an ocean churned with unfilled needs, wants and deprivation.

Name of Work: ELORAC - Heart of Ellen Grove

Date of Work: 24th September – 3rd October 2016

Author: Alexandra Gonzalez-Mendoza

Size: A2

Print Material: Archival Matte Paper (or similar)

ELORAC Place supports local residents through their vast range of programs and services provided. Though, one of the most engaging and successful programs is their free food packages.

From this, the internal dynamic of ELORAC Place is essential to the community and has made the local residents feel closer, especially when activities require the collaboration of staff, volunteers and individuals or families.

Both the staff and volunteers are clearly the heart of the centre, and without their power and synergy, ELORAC Place would not be able to endure the daily and overwhelming number of those who require a helping hand. 

This work is part of the photojournalism exhibition The Power of Community installed at the Maud Creative Gallery during the National Anti-Poverty Week. 

Presented by Wesley Mission Queensland and Queensland College of Art (QCA) Griffith University, South Bank.

© 2016