Highlight of Youth

As a child visiting fun fairs, carnivals, and showgrounds is one of the many highlights of childhood that cannot be forgotten as they immerse themselves into the festivities and celebrations where colours, lights, food, drinks, and sounds are encountered throughout the event.

However as an adult, things change and the showgrounds manifest another side to them. They still attract you with bright colours, fun sounds, great events, and various food stalls randomly positioned throughout the grounds. But we all know that it is generally all about spending money and queuing up. And with those who have children it’s about wanting to appease them through the purchase of numerous show bags.

With the juxtaposition of colour along with human behaviours and attitudes, the ‘Highlight of Youth’ series attempts to document some aspects were adult life has its dull moments, while socialising and having fun is still the main focus which can sometimes bring out their inner child.

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