Punica Granatum

Gold Coast studio photography by Alexandra Gonzalez-Mendoza for Alexandra Mendoza Media - fine art photography studio project

Aside from the simplicity of the image’s execution and subject matter, it became the selected image as it reminds people of an image created by a famous photographer, Edward Weston.

Historically, in the Ancient Egyptian era, pomegranates were often considered as a symbol of prosperity and ambition. Throughout other cultures this fabled fruit is representative for different items, fertility is another example.

While certain ideas may come forth of what the initial object my actually be, such as a volcano, broken pieces of rust, moon craters, human nipple or more specifically a female nipple. From this image of a nipple a deeper meaning can be established.

This can include ambitions individuals may have in regard to enhancing their body through plastic surgery and looking for perfection. Other meanings or issues this image can establish can include arguments such as mothers who breastfeed in public as well as social media handling censorship of such imagery and the overall censorship of the female nipple over social media platforms in comparison to the male nipple.

Consequently, while the image may lend itself to deeper analysis for gender and societal issues and arguments there is no overall meaning to the image therefore it remains slightly ambiguous to the audience allowing them to create any interpretation in their minds of this simple everyday object.

Visual influencers include: Edward Weston, Olive Cotton, and Emmanuel Radnitzky (aka Man Ray).

© 2017