28-year-old Hannah Smith is a local Gold Coast artist who has lived in Melbourne for the past few years. She has held a residency in an art gallery located in Miami known as 'The WALLS', for the last 3 months in order to show case her work, “TOTAL CONTROL”, which was available between the 9th and 23rd of May 2015. Her installation is achieved by acquiring second-hand musical instruments that are either not in a working condition, such as the amplifier ‘Maybe’, or that were just tucked away in homes in Queensland gathering dust.

On the opening night of her exhibition she explains the process of obtaining the instruments from people who at one point had dreams of being famous musicians. This is also relevant as at certain points during her studies at the Queensland College of Art she delved into the world of punk music, while not fully knowing the aspects of playing the instruments she became a self-taut musician during this time.

Hannah also explains that there’s a method link to drawing to her work, which originates from her Fine Art background. Although the instruments are rendered unusable due to being disconnected from each other while also having extra-long pieces added to the cymbal and the tom drum, as well as having the chair bent. They are given a second chance in their ‘life’ by creating a silent ‘noise’ throughout the space.

TOTAL CONTROL has come about through various other formations of similar installations throughout the years for Hannah. Overall this installation is an analogy to punk music while incorporating a do-it-yourself method.

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